Billet de janvier 2022

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  • [Art de vivre] Future careers will be 60 years long. Education & work norms need change: The new map of life Stanford  report. The 100-year life is here. We’re not ready.
  • [Apprentissages] Reclaiming a future that has not yet been: The Faure report, UNESCO’s humanism and the need for the emancipation of education. The author suggests a reading of the report which understands it as making a case for a particular relationship between education and society, namely one in which the integrity of education itself is acknowledged and education is not reduced to a mere instrument for delivering particular agendas.
Humanistic, permanent, emancipatory, shares values, democratic participation
education as a right
Economic, recurrent, adaptative,
social cohesion
European Union
Development of
human capital
learning as a duty
Learning to be (Faure, 1972)Recurrent Education: A Strategy for Lifelong Learning (Kallen and Bengtsson 1973 
Learning: The treasure within (Delors, 1996)Lifelong Learning for All (OECD 1997) 
  Education and Training 2010 and the Education and Training 2020 strategies (EC 2004, 2009)
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