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Les missives

We are…
an INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, working in cooperation with ÉDITIONS L’HARMATTAN, in an open collegial spirit of SOLIDARITY and VOLUNTEERING, made up of people in the second half of their lives :
– in a variety of countries,
– often the authors of books, published by L’Harmattan among others,
– passionate about expression, the arts and sciences,
– aware that there is only one life.
– who wish to question others and the world, to explore together and influence on contemporary issues.
Our values
1. WITNESS our experiences to enlighten the future.
2. DIALOGUE without borders to gather a polyphony of viewpoints.
3. ACT for greater solidarity and equity between generations.

A third of life for a quarter of Humanity can be generously devoted to cultivating the contributions of seniority.
Rich in the multiple skills of its members, CIS.H wishes to work at the crossroads of cultures and generations.
– during CIS.H’s one-day GATHERING sessions, held twice a year, to debate, get to know each other better and forge links.
– at CAFÉS-PHILO, to discuss a particular issue.

Our publications
Les Cahiers du CIS-H:
La Collection du Collège international des seniors:

Our physical adress

MVACQL (Maison de la Vie Associative et Citoyenne du Quartier Latin)
Boite Aux Lettres no 1,
 4, rue des arènes 75005 PARIS