001 Finding Philosophy in Social Sciences AEL 140620 (2)

Education permanente in France en route to permanent education at the Council of Europe Revisiting a projet social to create a long life of learning (1)

KNOWLES, Malcolm S. ,The Modern Practice of Adult Education: From Pedagogy to Andragogy, Revised and updated, Ch. IV

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INFED, Teaching Learning processes
-None of the criteria of the (ideal) informal teaching-learning process is formalized; all of the criteria of the (ideal) formal teaching-learning process are formalized.
-Real teaching-learning processes can assume a specific value in the formalization continuum in every one of their characteristics.
Every teaching-learning process corresponds to a specific pattern with different degrees of formalization of its criteria. This pattern depends on time and it varies in the course of the teaching-learning process.
-In this concept, the notion of non-formal teaching-learning is unnecessary.